Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Gestão Administrativa e Financeira do Taguspark


The Taguspark Administrative and Financial Management Unit, performs functions in the domain of administrative and financial management respecting the technical considerations and accounting rules. It is responsible for budgetary management, accounting and office supplies in total harmony and cooperation with the Executive Direction of IST.

  • 14 of Sep.
  • 2018

Bus reinforcements from September 17th, 2018

From Monday, September, 17th, the following schedules will be increased temporarily with an additional bus:

09h10 Alameda Sete-Rios Taguspark
17h10 Taguspark Sete-Rios Praça de Londres Alameda

We ask for special attention for the 17:10 schedule, since the routes are different. One is direct and the other goes through …

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  • 29 of Jun.
  • 2018

Bus on June 30th, 2018 (Saturday)

We inform all students, teachers and staff, that there will be a bus on June 30th, 2018 (Saturday), for tests/exams.
The bus will have the following schedule and itinerary:

7h15 IST-Alameda – Sete-Rios – IST – Taguspark
13h45 IST-Taguspark – Sete-Rios – IST – Alameda

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